Provides new solutions to the challenges

Data ownership
Data security
High storage cost
Lack of long time
Lots of idle potential storage space
Lack of personal data management
Data quality

A new generation of decentralized data storage system

Serve the data economy

The mobile-side DataOK application which include the functions as data upload, revenue inquiry, DTO wallet and data mall.
DataOK is undoubtedly the first-choice personal cloud storage service with high security and high resource utilization.
DataOK provides richer and more diverse data resources to promote the continuous development of big data service.
DataOK builds a global data network and provides API interface for application developers to call data on the chain.

An important role in the ecosystem


Early investors


Token sale


Storage node bonus pool


DataOK Foundation reserves fund


Founding team maintenance fund


DataOK advisory fund


DataOK ecosystem construction fund


Post-technology R&D fund


Marketing fund


Talent fostering fund

Be clear about our plans

Important circulation certificate

 A team with extensive experience

Jinyuan Li(CEO)

Chinese Americans,years of back-end construction experience, blockchain source code and security encryption technology experts, with a variety of digital currency  development experience.


Solid knowledge of building Web services and development processes. Has been involved in a number of leading projects R&D, involving billing systems, data processing algorithms, user interfaces and API.

Torrey Yaird(COO)

Years of operation and management experience, rich experience in the field of big data operations management, good at marketing management and enterprise development strategy.

Lily Qic(CCO)

Rich business cooperation, decision-making and public relations ability.


Has the formidable logical thinking ability, the data analysis ability, has the sharp sense of smell to the investment.

Provided strong support