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About Us

Libra is a category-defining, venture-backed generative AI startup. We’re building infrastructure for the legal system of tomorrow.

We’re driven by a mission to empower every claim owner to make use of their rights. In today’s world, access to the internet is easier than access to justice. We believe in the importance of robust legal systems and AI’s potential to remove many of the obstacles to accessing them. That’s why we’re developing an AI claims drafting factory, which will automatically deliver legal claims using LLMs.

As a fast-moving venture, we’ve closed three pilots with prominent enterprise customers and raised a 1mln EUR in a pre-seed investment from Merantix, Europe’s leading specialist AI Fund. Now we’re building the first prototypes and are looking for a Cofounder & CTO to lead technical development and help make our vision of a fair, easy to access legal system a reality.

Why us?

  • Established product-market fit: after over 300 interviews we have thoroughly validated AI use-cases in the legal industry and secured pilots with three prominent enterprise customers. You will have the opportunity to build a product solving a validated problem for our customers in the legal insurance vertical.
  • A team with deep domain expertise in the legal field: join Viktor who’s left a litigation career (a top 40u40 lawyer, ex Oxford, Freshfields) when he recognised the potential of AI to revolutionise legal practice. Viktor is a second-time legaltech founder (ex EF), who’s learned the value of developing vertical-specific applications. With experience building arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, he’s deeply driven by the belief that AI can break the cost and accessibility barriers to the traditional legal system.
  • Opportunity to build an impactful product and work on some of the hardest engineering problems in the AI field, including hallucination, reliability and traceability, crucial in legal applications.
  • Competitive salary, along with founder’s equity
  • Flexible work arrangements, with access to a vibrant community at the AI Campus in Berlin

Your Role

As Cofounder & CTO, you'll lead the company in developing LLM products for the legal sector.

With secured legal datasets and customer pilots in the legal insurance vertical, we have built prototypes proving AI’s capability to automate chunks of the legal case workflow. At the current stage, our prototype is able to draft an initial claim letter in one legal area. As CTO, you will take the current MVP-stage prototype to a scaleable legal AI product, capable of handling the entire legal claim workflow in multiple legal areas. In collaboration with our pilot customers, will have the opportunity to work with extensive legal datasets, in multiple legal areas.


  • Design and development of the AI system architecture from current MVP-stage to a production-ready product
  • Recruitment, management, and leadership of the engineering team
  • Driving the AI/ML research and engineering direction
  • Deployment, and maintenance of the product architecture with a focus on legal market needs, including trust, explainability, security, and data protection.
  • Co-management of fundraising and sales processes
  • Co-leadership of the company

Your profile

You are a driven builder with deep AI expertise, who identifies themselves with our mission. You are an outlier with a track record of building software products and leading technical teams.


  • Experience in recruiting and leading teams building complex software or ML systems
  • Extensive full-stack development experience, including designing and maintaining software system architectures
  • Strong AI/ML development experience, particularly in NLP
  • Strong drive to shape the future of the legal system

Strong Pluses:

  • Prior startup experience
  • Exposure to product development in sensitive industries like legaltech, fintech, insurtech, or self-driving vehicles
  • Strong product management skills
  • Expertise in designing data security processes

Libra is an equal opportunity employer.

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    Berlin, Germany / Remote friendly

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    $60K - $120K

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    09 February, 2024

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    Computer Science
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